What is PlayerStreak?
PlayerStreak is an online sports management site that helps leagues, teams and players collaborate & communicate online. PlayerStreak.com creates sports communities online that encourage participation by combining day to day sports management duties with a social network that keeps everyone informed; whether you are a fan, parent, team member, coach, or league administrator. PlayerStreak.com is geared toward all athletic organizations; from amateur sports to professional sports league management.

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Everyone has a Role to Play

team schedule, scheduling software team schedules player profile League Administrators
Have the ability to manage content such as team schedules, online registration,, scorekeeping statistics and standings, maps or locations, tournament brackets or ladder matches and much more.

Team Managers
Can notify team members of important events and keep track of who is in or out for upcoming games, send mass emails, and post team news.

Can build up their  personal profile for scouting and recruitment by uploading photos, videos and biography information. Player profiles also consist of career statistics that are automatically calculated and are updated as soon as the statistics are entered by league score keepers.

Fans, Parents, Coaches or Team Members
Stay up to date with their favorite teams, players or scoring leaders. Know when the upcoming games are, recent scores, or even participate in some team ChalkTalk.

The PlayerStreak Advantage

team schedules google maps and locations tournament, bracket, ladder match scorekeeping
All those “free” sports web sites are cluttered with more Ads then actual content. You won’t find any of that here.
Easy to Use
PlayerStreak has the power of a desktop application on the web; it is simple to navigate and professionally designed. Smooth scrolling, page transitions and drag and drop all come stock at PlayerStreak.com
Everything’s Hot Linked
Navigating sites can be cumbersome, but when everything’s clickable you can jump from Player profiles back to Team pages and scoreboards with only a couple of clicks. Anywhere you see a Score, Team Name, Player Name or Location you can click on it to learn more!
Integration with Google Maps and YouTube
All our maps are Google Maps , so you can zoom, pan, scroll, go to hybrid or satellite mode.
Any YouTube video that you can access via a url can be made accessible in the Player Video section.
Keeping it Fresh
We are always releasing new features to keep up to date with your demands. Check out our feature releases, or submit a feature request and we’ll make it happen.
The Schedulizer
The one stop for League Administrators to manage Games, Schedules and Score Keeping all with a "drag & drop" interface.
Extensive Player Statistics
All of our statistic models are extensive for each of the sports we support. We believe that if we are going to add a new sport, the statistic reporting should be number one.

Experience the Demo and Check out our blog for new feature releases

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