Schedulizer, Team Schedules, Conflict Management
The Schedulizer
For league administrators, team scheduling and game scheduling has never been easier. The calender style entry of scheduling games supports a full drag and drop interface and with just a couple of clicks you can enter team schedules. Also, there is a spot to enter scores for the entire month, week or day.

Changing Date / Time or Location of Game
Changing game times is even easier, just drag a calendar entry to a new spot and it auto saves. Want to notify the team managers or coaches of a location change or game time change? No problem, just hit the "Email" button

Checking for Schedule Conflicts
The schedulizer has the ability to check for potential location conflicts if you have double booked a field or rink. Just click the "Check for Conflicts" button and it will pop up a list of overlapping games across all seasons and divisions.
You can sort the calendar by month, week or day view and you can even filter by specific teams. The color of the calendar entry is determined by the home team's color. If you click on a calendar entry, it will take you to the Score and Statistics of that game.

Team Schedules
Whenever you add or remove a game or update a score, the scheduling software automatically updates the team schedules and scores automatically.
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